27th May 2011 21:25
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Oh my gosh… Stamkos’ nose.

Glad he’s okay though.

25th May 2011 23:42
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I’m going to say this, and I pray I can stick with it.

I quit.

Find me on Facebook or Twitter. But I won’t guarantee I’ll be friends/follow you.

I’m not going to delete this blog until I can get the stuff I want off of it.

It’s been fun, I’m sad to go, but I just can’t do this anymore. I teach preschool and toddlers, I don’t need to come home to the same kind of behaviors when I get home. Actually, the preschoolers and toddlers behave better than some people on here do.

I’m thinking about starting a new one and following maybe 5-10 of the people I follow now, but until then I’m going to take a break.

Go Bruins.

Edit: Maybe I’ll just take a break and come back here. I don’t know. Right now, I just can’t be here. I’ll come back after Game 7 with a “YAY!” or “Aww shucks” post, and then after the Stanley Cup, maybe.

25th May 2011 23:34
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I can’t deal with this anymore.

I wish I could just quit Tumblr.

25th May 2011 23:23
At work today there was a spider in the bathroom and the kids were freaking out about it.

It was in the most inconvenient spot, so I couldn’t easily step on it. So I actually killed it with a piece of toilet paper. By hand. And it wasn’t tiny. I freaked out though and Toby was like, “Take it outside!” and I was like, “Oh, uh… He’s going to go live in the diaper pail now…” And he looked horrified.


25th May 2011 23:22
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25th May 2011 23:20
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Tampa fans are most annoying?


I haven’t had a problem with any of them.

25th May 2011 23:15
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Kansas representative Pete DeGraaf is fighting for a bill that would exclude abortion coverage in cases of rape. He thinks the state should stay out of that problem, and it should just be something that women “plan ahead for”:

Bollier asked him, “And so women need to plan ahead for issues that they have no control over with pregnancy?”

DeGraaf drew groans of protest from some House members when he responded, "I have a spare tire on my car." "I also have life insurance,"he added. "I have a lot of things that I plan ahead for."

You heard the man, ladies. You should all just get organized and make plans now for the aftermath of your rape. Maybe set up a cookie jar in the kitchen and tuck a dollar bill in it now and then, as your rainy day rape abortion fund. Your supportive boy friends and spouses can cheerfully contribute, too, and if you’re a member of a lesbian couple, you could have a matching pair (for cute!). Get one for your daughters, too, and start them on saving a little bit every year — after all, young girls get raped, too, so you might as well make it a regular feature of their lives.

By the way, the compassionate Pete DeGraaf is also an associate pastor. I am not surprised.

25th May 2011 23:13
25th May 2011 23:12
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25th May 2011 23:09
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I’m gonna go stumble and post every single picture I find until the drama ends.

And it’ll stop me from sitting here writing post after post after post I just delete because I don’t want to get involved in the drama and/or make it worse or whatever…